UPDATED – Liza Sherman: Antique Furniture and Unique Accessories

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I used to get my shoes fixed in this store. A great cobbler left this storefront just about a year ago, and I was so sad to see the old going and the new, hip antique store, Liza Sherman, moving in. Guess what? The cobbler retired and happily moved back ome to South America, and the new, hip store IS hip, but is not so new, being an extension of Liza Sherman’s Sag Harbor store. Walking by, you have to turn your head and notice the few, carefully selected (and eclectic as in China, France, Scandinavia) pieces of furniture in the brightly painted shop (the color? Orange Burst by BM, one off from Mandarin Orange, which I wrote about last week as the most popular color of the moment). Beautiful ad funky lamps, chairs, clocks and tables – all very one off and hard to find. Problems? I know I keep saying this and sound like a broken record, but price is the only problem. Liza Sherman is expensive. We saw two really nice mercury glass lamps and asked the price. $1,000 was the quick reply. You either got the dough, or you save up for the one thing you really, really, really love. No doubt about Liza’s eye though. It’s right on. MGR