UPDATED – Vivavi. The Eco-Design Boutique.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Chic treehugging. Tired of being eco-conscious and lacking for style at the same time? Vivavi is a new online retailer started by Josh Dorfman, that seeks to create a stylish marketplace for environmentally sound products. As he says:

We’re tired of dressing in eco-friendly burlap sacks. We’re tired of clogs. We’re tired of tie-dye.

We’ll we’re not tired of clogs! Right now they are already assembling a notable line of home products from notable designers including Bart Bettencourt, Danko Pershing, and Sensei. There is still a way to go if they want to shed the burlap image, but they are off to a good start.

Our top picks?

  • Bamboo dining chair for $750
    (Thanks, Nick!) MGR
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