This Find From Urban Outfitters Is the Perfect Addition to My Small Space

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom)

All this talk about self-care and “me time” begs a question—where exactly are you giving yourself this attention? At roughly 700 square feet, my apartment’s not small (at least by New York City standards), but the freestanding tubs I see people bath-bombing and throwing back bubbly in are not a reality for me at this point. And I never expected to have a place to put on my face either—you know, that ritual of “getting ready” that includes some combination of makeup, a cocktail, music, and a cute robe, on a good day, that is. Well, all that changed when I found this lovely little Wire Loop Vanity and Wire Loop Chair set at Urban Outfitters for less than $250.

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(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Here’s the deal. I have a pretty good closet situation—two decent-sized “reach- in” styles, opposite one another in a little alcove off my bedroom. This area’s like a little hallway, and I always think it would have been better as the apartment’s entry, but no one asked me. The way it’s currently configured, the end of the hall is essentially dead wall and floor space (where a door could have easily been placed). For the record, there’s nothing that gets to me more than wasted space—you can’t leave any square footage on the table in an apartment! I briefly considered a chair but thought a wooden dining version would feel too puny. And something upholstered would likely be too big to allow the accordion-style closet doors to properly open and close. Then it hit me. What about a vanity? I needed a place to store my makeup anyway. Why not have this whole area dedicated to getting ready? It seemed a little decadent but the best use I could come up with.

Turns out it’s not that easy to find a vanity that’s one, not ugly wood veneer, and two, not made for the suburbs size-wise. At least that was the case three years ago when I was first looking. Sure, I saw a couple of cute lucite ones on 1stdibs and Chairish, but I’m working with more of a Wayfair budget here. So after searching at all my usual furniture store suspects, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this Wire Loop Set at UO. At $238 before shipping and tax, the price was right, and you know I waited for a 20 percent off coupon code to get both pieces for about $200. I loved that it was gold (also hard to find a few years ago despite the ubiquity of brass-like finishes now) and a small footprint (which to be honest, just fits in my little corner without causing a problem).

I bought both pieces sight unseen and hoped for the best. The set was a breeze to assemble, and I was pleasantly surprised by the materials—glass as opposed to plastic for the tabletop. And the wiry iron frame, while clearly not industrial strength, seemed substantial enough. I opted not to use the mirror (though it’s super cute and I’ve held onto it), instead pushing the vanity right up against my back wall. And it’s exactly what I needed. I now have a place to put on my makeup, work on my laptop if I need a more proper “desk” than my couch, drop a bag or dirty clothes if I’m feeling lazy. It’s a dressing table, home office, and storage spot all-in-one, which means it’s definitely earned its keep in my place. And the stool is clutch as a step ladder when I need something from my highest closet shelves.

So if you’re looking for something small yet mighty, that’s also slightly ethereal and airy, the Wire Loop Vanity and Chair set is a real contender. I know I’d buy it again.