This Brand Sells the Cutest Planters With Their Plants—And AT Readers Get a Special Discount!

updated Jul 23, 2020
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Bringing a new plant home is always exciting, but it’s usually just the beginning—next you have to figure out where you’re going to put it, and what planter it’s going to live in. I’m here to report that Urban Stems, one of our favorite flower and plant delivery companies, makes that second part way easier—and more fun. All of their plants come with very cute, unique planters specific to the plant, including a colorful pot for their fiddle leaf fig and an adorable unicorn for their succulent. That way, you can get a planter that’s not only made for your plant, but adds a whole lot of personality to your space.

Sounds pretty good, right? To sweeten the deal even more, Urban Stems is offering AT readers an exclusive discount on all plants. From now until August 31, use code ATPLANTS20! to save 20 percent off on a new plant and planter combo. Ready to do some shopping? Check out our favorites below to get some inspiration.

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Named after the lily pads from one of Monet's most famous pieces, this pilea plant is a great choice if you're looking for something easy to take care of. Just keep it out of direct sunlight, remember to rotate it at least once a week to prevent it from getting lopsided, and you'll have a happy plant. It comes with a minimalist white planter and dish set, which is good because pilea need good drainage in order to stay healthy.

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Ah, good old reliable pothos. This plant is "so easy to care for it's stupid"—just keep it out of direct light and it'll thrive. (It can even tolerate low-light conditions!) Pothos have large, thick leaves that will grow nice and long, so it's a good choice if you love the indoor vine look. This one comes in a modern two-toned planter that's perfect for your desk or shelf.

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Tired of your air plant's boring vessel? Give your littlest plant a home that'll ensure it gets lots of attention with this gold T-rex planter. It comes with its own air plant to add to your collection, and will add tons of personality to your desk, bookshelf, or windowsill. Alternatively, this guy makes a fantastic gift for your BFF who you haven't seen in awhile.

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Combine the very cool aloe vera plant with an even cooler blue planter, and you've got a seriously fun pairing. Aloe vera is a great plant for plant parent beginners, and when taken care of properly can get pretty big and unwieldy (which just means you have plenty of opportunities to propagate!). It prefers direct light, so place it right on your sunniest windowsill. Not only does it look good, but you can also break the tips to get aloe vera gel—perfect for soothing rashes and burns.

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How cute is this unicorn planter? It's a sweet vessel for succulents, and will look adorable on your desk or dresser. Succulents are super low-maintenance plants that also happen to be pet-friendly, making them an ideal gift for just about any occasion and person. While your first instinct might be to place this little guy in a nursery or kid's room, there's nothing wrong with buying it for your home office or adult bedroom.

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Score a new fiddle leaf fig and cute watercolor planter all in one with this pairing. Fiddle leaf figs prefer warmer climates, so keep it happy by placing it in bright light and misting it a few times a week. Although this one is 6" in height, it'll grow and thrive in the right conditions, so place it in a sunny spot and watch it grow!