USB Drum Set

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“Iiiiiii don’t wanna work, just want to bang on my drums all day…” goes the song, but even if you get the chance to play your drums, living in close quarters within your place–or in an apartment building–can prohibit such freedom of musical expression. [Trust us, as much as you love to play, that love doesn’t come through in the sound, and your neighbors won’t love it even a tiny bit as much as you.]

Enter a possible solution to hold you over between gigs: The USB Drum Set. You can lay down tracks, record your work, and a learning option helps teach you how to play and allows you to play along. And better yet for your apartment is the fact that it rolls up and stashes away, very unlike a drum set.

Available at the end of this month for $30 from Dreamcheeky.