USB Medical Card: A Better-Safe-Than-Sorry Investment

USB Medical Card: A Better-Safe-Than-Sorry Investment

Gregory Han
Nov 30, 2010

Normally our Daily Find is set aside for tech items that fall under the category of being spec or design sexy. But today's spotlight is a bit more pragmatic and serious in nature. As someone with a mom with health issues that inevitably come along with advanced age, many of my personal concerns are about being able to reach her, having her medical records readily available and just staying informed about how she's doing. So during lunch today, this simple product made me think I need to give or create something similar to this medical data USB storage card spotted at the local drug store...

This CVS Medical USB Data Card is a flash drive that has been manufactured into a wallet-friendly credit card form; it also comes pre-installed with medical data forms that will notify caregivers or emergency aid with information such as name and contact info, family contacts, personal physicians, medical conditions, current medications being taken and allergies. All extremely useful information that could mean the difference between life and death.

If this seems a bit too basic and you want more extensive and detailed information accessible, there is the 911 Medical Device ID Card, which adds the option for medical practitioners to access personal online Medical Record Management and a Backup Service, all password protected using a secure 2048bit SSL encrypted Internet connection. Another manufacturer even offers a similar option, but in waterproof form, so there are plenty of options out there.

But you don't have to spend $20-$40. Flash thumb drives are practically given away these days and creating something similar with a keychain model would be a cinch. All one would have to do is to create a text document to store onto the drive with the same information listed above (and perhaps photos of close relations for even easier identification in an emergency). Use a label maker to clearly label the drive "In Case of Medical Emergency Information" or something similar, and then make sure your loved one carries it in their purse or on a keychain wherever they go.

Sure, this isn't the sexiest, most category of stylish tech devices out there. But considering what a little bit of information can mean in a medical emergency, this seems like a worthy purchase or weekend DIY project to give to those in your life with ailments that require attention and supervision.

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