Use Old T-Shirts To Make Custom Party Capes

updated Jul 23, 2020
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The Super Hero birthday party of the century happened recently for Lucas Painter as he turned 3 years old (you can see his Robotronic Lair here). His Mom, Adrean, came up with a cute and clever idea for making personalized capes for each party guest! The cost was low and the impact was high, just the way childhood should be. Want to see how it’s done?

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Adrean has always been the sort of person who would much rather make something than buy something from the store. She knows when to bust out the diy skills and is quite keen on decorating on a small budget. We recently featured more of Adrean’s handiwork in her daughter Elliot’s room (you remember her artful heirloom abode right?).

Her latest creation had all the friends and family members in attendance smiling, as it’s not very often each child gets to take home a gift of their own (or spend an entire party pretending to shoot webs from your wrist bands).

To start Adrean used old adult sized T-shirts she had around the house and a few from the local thrift store (to help accommodate different sizes of children attending). Taking a pair of sharp scissors, she cut up the side of each shirt across the back of the arms and around the front side of the neck hole. This creates the basic cape shape and you can create additional masks and arm bands using the actual arms from your shirt. Just cut eye holes and embellish.

After purchasing a few pieces of felt (to create circles and lightning bolts on the back) and glitter paint, each cape was adorned with the child’s name. If you’d like to take it a step further, you could add velcro to the front of each neck band for easy removal. We think you can agree with us when we say these kids look extra happy to have come to the party!

Forget spending big bucks at retail stores (especially with how fast new super hero movies are being released these days) and make your own. For play around the house, your next party, Halloween, or just a trip to the grocery store — DIY play capes are where it’s at!

Thanks Adrean!

(Image: Adrean Painter)