Use Twitter to Keep Motivated Through Dirty Work

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

CNN news producer Peter Wilkinson and Latitude Group CEO Alex Hoye recently ran the London Marathon. It’s a great feat to finish the 26-mile marathon, but possibly the coolest thing about their journey was that they tweeted their exclusive experiences the whole way. The news itself is interesting and a bit silly enough to report, but you can get a lot of inspiration for tackling your own (less) exhausting or mundane around-the-house tasks…

Hoye told Wired’s Gadget Lab, where we first read about the literal marathon tweeting, this:

My biggest fear was it would be boring — mile 1: running; mile 2: still running. But I gave it a try and people were talking about it on mile 9, retweeting it, and I said fuck it. And the great thing is, every mile you have to get your milestone of what you’re going to tweet. You have to think of something mildly amusing every mile.

You could use that last bit of info the next time you’re planning a bog work out or going on a full-on house spring cleaning overhaul makeover marathon.

Plan on tweeting something to your followers after every mile of jogging or every room you make spotless (if you’ve got loyal tweeters, promise it to them). Not only will it inspire you to make good on your promise (even to what could be complete strangers), it will keep you thinking of what mildly clever observation you’re going to share at the next pit stop. Time that you might rather be spending with friends or in front of the TV will go faster.

(Image: Flickr member David Davies licensed for use under Creative Commons)