Use Vibration to Wake Up Without Disturbing Your Partner

Use Vibration to Wake Up Without Disturbing Your Partner

Jeff Heaton
Oct 20, 2011

Even if you have a foam mattress it can be hard to avoid waking up your partner in the morning. Most alarm clocks don't take into account two people with different schedules, or if they do you both still hear the radio go off or see the light turn on. If you're like us, once you're up you're up for good so having a way to get up quietly and start your day is a kind and efficient thing to do. We've looked into one such method: vibrating watches. They don't just exist in 1960's spy flicks and Tom Clancy novels anymore.

1. MuteWatch ($259)
The MuteWatch is based on the movements of iOS. You tap to bring up the time, pinch to send it away, and swipe to view options. A motion sensor also detects the movement of your wrist, sending stronger impulses as you wake up to keep you moving from asleep into awake. It's also rechargeable via USB.

2. InPulse ($150-199)
This watch is paired with a smartphone, either Android or Blackberry, and works as a remote screen with notifications from your phone. It won't let you answer calls, but it tells you when you have email, sms, calendar notifications, or even lets you check Facebook. For our purposes the vibrating alarm is the main setting, though the others might be useful for not disturbing your partner while you cuddle and look at your emails. The InPulse is rechargeable and lasts different times depending on OS and use, but the company says as much as 3+ days.

3. LARK ($99-150)
LARK is like an advanced WakeMate. It not only tracks your sleep patterns and makes suggestions, but the band has a built in vibrating motor to wake you when it's time to get up. After it's collected data on your sleeping patterns it presents the findings in slick charts and graphs to help you interpret how you sleep and to figure out how to sleep better.

4. An Alarm ($450)
This watch is like a slick, wrist-watch version of the Braun travel alarm clocks. It even has a tiny button on top that you pull and press to manipulate the alarm. It's a bit pricey compared to some other vibrating watches but it's quite good looking and works very quietly.

5. Serene Innovations Vibrating Alarm Watch ($129.95)
For those who prefer a more classic look to their vibrating watch, the Serene Innovations watch is a good choice. While it doesn't have many of the added features of some of the other watches and might not be as comfortable in bed as something that breathes more it does go nicely with a suit and features a scratch resistant face.

Vibrating watches aren't just for waking up either. They're also often used to help children with ADD/ADHD by reminding them to stay focused, to remind diabetics to check their insulin, to remind the elderly to take their medication and even help with bedwetting among other things.

(Images: A+R Store, Retail Factory, InPulse, LARK and HarrisCom.)

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