Use Your Lock Screen as a Reminder

Use Your Lock Screen as a Reminder

Taryn Williford
Sep 28, 2012

You see your smartphone's lock screen a lot, right? So why not use it for something useful? Trade out that photo of your kitten or those tropical flowers and set your home or lock screen to an oft-used reference, your class schedule, or a list of names you need to memorize.

A user who contributed to Reddit's Life Pro Tips showed how they use their iPhone's lock screen image to remember their university schedule at the start of the semester. Since your phone is always on you, it's easy to pull it out of a pocket and take a quick look at the screen whenever you need to quickly check a schedule or reference.

This tip is also great if you need to commit something to memory. Think of how many times you wake up your smartphone throughtout the day. Seeing the same information there each time will help you memorize that information.

I can think of a few ways this might be handy in everyday life:

• Trying to memorize a list, group or set of names? Make a composite image and set it as your lock screen, or jot down the list in a Notes app and take a screenshot.

• Busy day? Screenshot your schedule for the day and set it as your lock screen to have easy access to where you need to be and when.

• Do you have any charts or references you use frequently at work or school? Make a scan or screenshot and save it to your home screen.

• Traveling to a far away city or getting to know a new one? Screenshot the city's rail or subway system map so you can easily check what routes go where.

Do you ever make your lock screen image useful? What information or images do you like to keep in easy access? Share it with us in the comments!

via Reddit Life Pro Tips

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