Useful iPhone Apps That Work Without Service

Useful iPhone Apps That Work Without Service

Mike Tyson
Jun 15, 2011

Ever been stuck without service to your phone? Maybe you're in the middle of no where USA or maybe you just descended to the depths of the subway platform. Not being able to reach service for a phone call is down-right maddening but not being able to use your apps is almost as bad. More and more it seems as though apps are requiring internet connections for various functionalities so today we rounded up some examples that don't need any.

That's right — whether you're stuck visiting the extended family in god knows where or just stepped onto the subway, we have the apps to keep you entertained until the dreaded dead-zone is over!

Games: This should be perhaps the most obvious example. Although some games have added functionality which allow you to sign onto Game Center or other online services that require an internet connection, many games are perfectly useable when you're without one. Our favorite games are usually the ones that are quick to pick up and play with for a few minutes and then put them away (ie. the subway companion). Call us mainstream but we like the classics such as Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, Words with Friends, Cut the Rope, and Trainyard.

Utilities: The second most obvious answer are the basic utilities the phone can provide such as flashlight, camera, world clocks, etc... These can be very beneficial when caught in a jam.

Currency Converter: This lovely app is extremely handy when traveling for obvious reasons and consequently is a must for any traveler (frequent or otherwise). Although it does use the internet to download daily up-to-date rates, it will work just fine without it.

Instapaper: This is one of our favorite apps and one of the most crucial in the arsenal of a subway commuter. While at work or home, find and download websites onto your Instapaper app which will beautifully format it for optimal reading. Then, when you're underground (or wherever you may be) simply open the downloaded website and begin reading where you left off earlier. It is so simple and so elegantly designed, we think it is a great app to have for anyone who well... reads websites (and we have a feeling there might be a good amount of you out there).

Exit Strategy, iBART, London Tube, etc..:Thankfully, there are many subway apps available which do not require the internet to function. Although we haven't researched it fully, it seems all major American subway lines are covered out there. Just google search "*your city name* subway app offline" and it should turn up. These hand dandy apps usually give you subway maps and other pertinent information like where to board the train or the exact location of subway entrance from the street as well as popular landmarks around town.

AllofWiki Offline: Yup. This app does exactly what the namesake promises. Download the entirety of Wikipedia to your phone so you can view it anywhere. But that's not all! The app comes with additional functionality such as bookmarks, instant searching, random articles, history, font size adjustment, and more.

(Images: Flickr member B.J. Allen licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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