Creative Uses for Blank Browser Screens

Creative Uses for Blank Browser Screens

Range Govindan
Jul 6, 2011

There's nothing easier than opening a blank browser window (Control+N on PCs or ⌘+N on Macs).For some, it's just a way to visit another site or open another tab. However, you can get quite a bit down with a blank screen. From cleaning your monitor to finding dead pixels, blank browser windows are an effective way of getting things done. Here's what we found.

1. Detecting Dead Pixels: One of the most frustrating things to notice when you get a new laptop or display is to find some dead pixels. They aren't that easy to spot, if you're not used to it. With a blank browser window, it doesn't take long to find dead pixels. Most manufacturers have policies regarding how many dead pixels you'll need to find before they replace a screen.

2. Light for Skyping: A convenient way of getting enough light for Skyping when you don't have a light handy is simply to use a blank browser window. We've got two computer monitors in our workstation, and when we Skype, using blank browser windows on both creates a lot of light.

3. Cleaning Your Monitor: A blank screen can also be quite convenient when cleaning up your computer monitor. While there are alternatives, ie direct sunlight, bright light, it's worth mentioning that simply opening a new blank browser window will get this done in no time.

4. Writing Motivation: If you've got a paper due or an assignment, there's nothing quite like facing a blank screen to motivate you. We like using iA Writer specifically for this purpose, because the fullscreen mode is so much like a blank piece of paper.

5. Temporary Ambient Light: While we don't recommend using this for long periods of time, you can pump your screen to the brightest level and use it to find stuff you need, when no light is easily available. This is just a bigger version of the Flashlight App for the iOS and useful when you're using a laptop.

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(Images: Flickr member Simon Wicks licensed for use under Creative Commons and Flickr member Margot Trudell licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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