22 Uses for Olive Oil
Abby Stone
Jul 21, 2009

072109-oliveoil02.jpgOlive oil has replaced butter in our house. But did you know that it can be used for more than just cooking? We've compiled a list of alternative uses. Feel free to add your own, after the jump...

  1. Lessen snoring: does your significant other snore? Offer them a few sips of olive oil before bed to help cut down on the noise.
  2. Soothe an earache: warm up the oil slightly and use a cotton swab to dab it in your ear
  3. Make your own lip goo: melt a little oil with beeswax and pour into a container.
  4. Stop the frizzies: a little bit of olive oil tames your hair. Use a little bit for everyday by applying a few drops to your hands and then running them through dry hair. On the weekends heat up a generous amount & work it through your locks. Let it sit for a half-hour and then shampoo.
  5. Banish dry skin: Use it in place of your regular moisturizer
  6. In the bath: Use a few tablespoons in the bath to leave your skin soft
  7. Shaving: Use it before shaving to lubricate your skin and afterwards to soothe it.
  8. Face scrub: Olive oil mixed with sugar or salt makes a great face scrub.
  9. Shiny nails: apply a few drops to your nails and then buff them for a shiny finish
  10. Make-up remover: swipe an oil soaked cotton ball over your face to remove your make-up and leave your skin moisturized
  11. Remove paint and gum from hair: rub a little oil in your hair
  12. Lessen the look of cellulite and speed up the tanning process: scrub problem areas with a mixture of used coffee grounds and olive oil
  13. Stop your cat's hairballs: add a daily spoonful to your cat's food to prevent hairballs and make his coat shiny
  14. Un-stick your zipper: lube the teeth with a few drops of oil to get it sliding again
  15. Polish wood: mix oil with lemon in the same proportion you'd use for salad (two parts oil to one part lemon juice), and using a soft cloth, apply it to your wood furniture to make it gleam.
  16. Condition leather: a few drops conditions your leather goods.
  17. Stop silverware from tarnishing: finish a polish job by rubbing it with olive oil
  18. Shine stainless steel: rub with olive oil to bring up the shine.
  19. Stop wax from sticking to your candlestick: rub it with a few drops of olive oil before inserting a candle and make clean up easier.
  20. Make garden clean up easier: apply a few drops to your tools before starting your gardening makes the clean up afterwards easier.
  21. Mosquito repellent: a little olive oil sprayed on your skin keeps the bugs at bay
  22. Lube your door's hinges: a few drops will prevent a squeak.

[image: foodistablog's Flickr, with a Creative Commons License]

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