Using A Cell Phone As Your Primary Alarm Clock

Using A Cell Phone As Your Primary Alarm Clock

Range Govindan
Nov 4, 2010

I've been using a cell phone as an alarm clock for years, but a recent switch to a newer phone has simplified my life a lot. It's especially effective you are very busy and will help manage your time. How is this done? Simply by programming a lot of alarms that will cover all of the week.

My old phone had plenty of alarms, but it wasn't possible to program recurring alarms efficiently. This meant that it wasn't possible to program an alarm that would only ring from Mondays to Fridays. It was either all days or none. My new phone didn't have this issue. It's not really a new phone, it's just I was using a really old phone as an alarm clock. My other phone, a SonyEricsson Cybershot K810i from 2007, has fully programmable alarms.

Why is this so efficient? Well, this means that once I have set my alarms I never have to change them. I've set five different alarms that ring at different times. The first ones are for the morning. My schedule isn't always the same, so the other alarms allow me to time my naps very efficiently. It's quite liberating to just come home during the lunch hour, take a quick nap and be certain that you will wake up on time without having to fuddle with an alarm clock.

The only other alarm clocks that I've had were simple affairs. You could set one or two alarms, with no ability to program them. When I was younger, I used digital watches to wake up. The cell phone alarm has got a snooze function, but I rarely use it. Most of the time, on the first ring I'm up and ready to go.

While I'm using a minimal approach, there are others including buying an alarm clock stand for your cell phone, which will charge it at the same time while it's docked. A simple iPhone dock will also do the job, since you're basically using one of the features of your phone.

[header image via Instructables, dock via Mahalo, and SonyErcisson K810i by Range]

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