Using Shelves As Video Projector Wall Mounts

Using Shelves As Video Projector Wall Mounts

Range Govindan
Jul 15, 2010

LED projectors are getting cheaper and cheaper, and for most families, they become an interesting option when they want to view movies or play games together. Nothing beats the size of an image from a video projector, especially when you enjoy watching TV. There are a few different options to mounting these, and using a shelf is definitely worthwhile.

I can remember the first time that I plugged in an LED projector into my computer to watch something. It's hard to explain how big the screen can get, for when you're playing video games or watching some movies. It can get hard to find a permanent placement solution for the video projector. These devices are usually lugged around from room to room, or house to house.

More and more people are installing these in their home theater rooms. Instead of using an HDTV, these projectors work really well to keep families entertained. Using a shelf is really a good solution to mount your projector, if you've got the space. Marcus from Germany was looking for a way to mount his video projector to the way. He could have simply used a small shelf, but he didn't like the cable problem that this would create, so he opted for mounting a whole Expedit bookcase using extra strong brackets.

Now unless, you know what you are doing, it's not recommended that you mount something heavy to a wall, in the manner that Marcus did. He basically created a high floating shelf for his video projector. Doing this correctly involves locating the load bearing struts inside your walls and mounting strong brackets to them. You can easily tear up your wall if you try and mount them directly, unless you've got concrete walls.

If you plan on mounting an Expedit to your wall, you should use extra brackets in the middle of the shelf so that it's propped up and there's no danger of it bending under the weight. Marcus mounted the doors directly on this shelf and uses a Mac Mini as an HTPC. This means that his cables and peripherals are all hidden from view. It would also be prudent to create an air vent for the video projector, so that it doesn't overheat. This will increase bulb life.

[via Ikeahacker, photos by Marcus Carl]

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