Using Simple Table Lamps As Ambient Lighting

Using Simple Table Lamps As Ambient Lighting

Range Govindan
Sep 30, 2010

On top of featuring a great desktop background and cool computer gear, this workstation from Egypt is lit in a most effective manner, and no, there are no LEDs involved. This workstation uses mostly nice relaxing tones, and will hopefully inspire you to create your own soothing home office.

Before you ask about it, let's tackle the desktop background. You can find it here. It's definitely a cool addition to his multi-monitor setup. Mohammed got his desk from a store in Egypt. It was imported from China. His desk has these holes in the back of it, making the ambient lighting shine through when it gets darker. This is a great effect and adds a touch of flair.

His desk includes stands for his peripherals and various gear. His main Windows desktop computer uses three monitors, while another one is used by his MacBook Pro. His speaker system is located on a shelf, where some of his other peripherals are stashed. It works as a sort of side table, which allows him to keep things uncluttered.

The stands that he has are used as side tables. The really interesting part of this home office is the ambient lighting. You'd think that Mohammed installed some techy lighting system behind his monitors, but you'd be wrong. He simply placed two lamps behind his monitors, two basic lamps. Since the main glare of the lamps is hidden by the monitors, he gets this nice warm glow that makes his home office really nice.

Ultimately, there is already a nice glow from the lamps, but we'd probably use some LED lighting strips to heighten the mood. They can be easily mounted at the back of the desk. This would allow us to see more of the interesting desk that is used in this home office. Mohammed also needs a bit of a cable management system. While he could make his own, it's probably best to simply mount a few cable runs behind his desk, as well as two powerstrips. That would minimize the clutter that could end up around his feet. Instead of using two keyboard and mice, he could use Synergy to share keyboards across his two systems. That would take away some clutter. Synergy allows you to share a mouse and keyboard on different computers without any extra hardware. Lastly, the matching stands are really nice, but a cleaner look would look even better. Stashing some of the peripherals away is the way to go. All in all, we really like Mohammed's setup. It's simple and easy to duplicate.

[via Lifehacker, all photos by Mohammed Yassin]

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