Using Tech in Bathrooms: Heaven or Hell?

Using Tech in Bathrooms: Heaven or Hell?

Range Govindan
Sep 28, 2010

While we've used tech in bathrooms from time to time, we haven't installed anything permanent in our bathrooms, at least for now. But what kind of tech would you like to use in your bathroom? Does it even make any sense? Some people use tech in the bathroom freely, but most of us keep it out of there. What would you like to see in your bathroom?

1. Waterproof Speakers
This would definitely be an interesting addition to a bathroom. Adding a way to hear music while you're taking a shower or a bath definitely makes some kind of sense. The sound of flowing water can be quite loud, so it's hard to hear music that streams from speakers in other rooms.

2. Bathtub Monitor
We're no strangers to taking our laptops into the bathroom when we take a bath. Whether it's reading an ebook or watching a movie, it would be swell to have some kind of monitor or projection screen in the bathroom. While we doubt that something like this would be used very often, it's nice to have the option when you're soaking in the tub.

3. Phones

It's happened quite a few times that we've received calls while we're in the bathroom. Having an extension or just bringing in your cell phone does make sense, depending on how urgent your calls are. Running to the phone while you're dripping wet is not a good idea.

4. iPod With Waterproof/Cheap Earbuds
If you've got waterproof earbuds, then you can most definitely use them in the bathtub. The only other earbuds we'd use are cheap ones that we wouldn't mind getting wet and ruining. It's definitely an alternative to mounting permanent speakers in your bathroom.

5. No Computers
Sure, we've taken our laptops into the bathroom when we're soaking in the tub, but it makes no sense to have a computer permanently in there. Ultimately, repeated exposure to humidity would probably break it down in some fashion unless it's protected.

[photos via Russell Yarwood via CC license, Lux Stuff]

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