Using Technology to Manage Money

Using Technology to Manage Money

Anthony Nguyen
Jan 6, 2011

What's my new year's resolution? Stop buying so many gadgets! Oh, who am I kidding. Tech is an addiction I just cannot give up! Fortunately, there's plenty of tools out there to stop people like me from dipping into my funds when I really shouldn't. From all the software apps available today, here's our top choices to help manage your finances. Aside from being completely free, what you do give up is a bit of personal information - namely access to all of your financial accounts, but basically acts as a portal for you to load the data into it, create budgets, and creates a visual guide to where all that cash is going. Lifehacker has a fabulous guide if you're a first time user interested in create a seamless budget management setup on their site.

Microsoft Excel: Oh, good ol' Excel. It's a love or hate thing with this software, but after using it for so long, it's undoubtedly one of the most reliable ways to manage budgets and data, allowing for usage of all sorts of complicated formulas that makes managing money either harder than opening a can of sardines or easy as pie (pardon all the food metaphors). However, once you get it working, it becomes an indispensable tool you can't live without.

Quicken: If you don't mind throwing down some dough, Quicken's software is a good local solution that has a proven track record of being robust and reliable. It's a great solution for those who do most of their financial stuff in one place.

Those are probably our top two picks for financial management. What do you guys use to manage your money in the digital age?

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