UV Light Takes The Nasty in Water & Leaves The Nutritious

UV Light Takes The Nasty in Water & Leaves The Nutritious

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 5, 2010

Purifying water when you're on the go can present somewhat of a problem. The tablets that make unclean water safe to drink also make your water taste like a shoe and other systems can be far too cumbersome to really be viable... until now.

This water sterilizing system was thought up by a student in the UK. It's already receiving awards (the James Dyson to be exact) and we totally understand why. Other water purification systems can take 30 minutes or more, while this sassy little bottle does the job in just 2. The UV light inside is powered by hand crank and allows dirty water to pass through filters and the light itself. What comes out in the end is high quality H2O 99.9% free of bacteria, cooties and all other icky things that could be lurking in it!

We literally can't wait until this hits the commercial market as it will not only be beneficial to the hiker, camper, and overseas missionary or aide worker, but will be fabulous for home use for those who have less than stellar water coming from your tap.

You can read more on this project and other finalists over at the James Dyson Awards.

Image: James Dyson

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