9 Tips That Will Help You Pick the Right Vacuum to Upgrade Your Life This Prime Day

published Jul 15, 2019
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Flash sales—like Amazon’s 2019 Prime Day happening right now—are a great opportunity to score yourself a big-ticket upgrade on the cheap.

For instance, you might already have a serviceable hand-me-down, no-name vacuum at home. But if you find yourself side-eyeing its suction power every time you whip it out, you’re the perfect candidate to start looking for a flash sale bargain. You can afford (literally) to wait for a big discount on just the right model.

To help you make your decision, here are some tips on deciding on what style suits you and your space, plus some models you can score on sale during Prime Day. Be sure to check out our entire vacuum deal roundup here.

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Get a convenient cordless vacuum if:

1. You live in a small space. With a small footprint, you can vacuum your whole space on one charge. Plus, the cordless configuration will allow you more flexible access to your small nooks, crannies, and corners.

2. You clean just for yourself, or clean sporadically. A cordless is the perfect vacuum for somebody who just wants to quickly grab and go. If you spill cereal or made a mess of soil moving one of your plants, a cordless is the easiest vacuum to reach for.

3. You want to clean your car. If you have a car, boat, or any other home-away-from-home type of situation, a cordless vacuum is going to make itself useful. A cordless handheld is especially great for around-the-house tasks like cleaning your mattress, too. (See all the Prime Day mattress deals here.)

Some great cordless vacuums to buy on Prime Day:

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Get a powerful plug-in vacuum if:

1. You need more power, and a long-lasting session. A corded vacuum is going to provide consistent, strong power for its entire lifecycle. And if you have a large area to vacuum, a corded vacuum will let you finish the whole job without stopping to recharge.

2. You have many types of flooring. Corded uprights win when it comes to surface versatility. With multiple points of suction and a bevy of attachments, you’ll be able to go from upholstery to rugs to window tracks in record time. Plus some modern vacuums feature manual or automatic adjustment at the base—this means that the vacuum can adjust its brush height if you roll straight from hardwoods to high-pile carpet in order to keep the intake clear.

3. You never want to buy a vacuum again. Well, maybe not “ever again”—even the best corded uprights won’t outlive a decade. (If you’re interested in the kind of vacuums you can buy for life, check out these super-old vacuum models recommended by Redditors.) But you can reliably expect a corded vacuum to stay useful for many years longer than a battery powered cordless model, for less money.

Some great corded vacuums to buy on Prime Day:

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Get an intuitive robot vacuum if:

1. You have pets. Cleaning up pet hair is a full-time job, so outsource it to a robot vacuum if you can. You can set your bot vac up to clean in regular, scheduled intervals, so there’s always someone on floor duty.

2. You live on one level. If you don’t have stairs in your home, you’re a great candidate for a robot vacuum. The biggest benefit to a robot vacuum is how it does all the work without you—but until technology evolves to give your Roomba legs, it’s not going to be able to go up and down stairs. (Plus we all saw that episode of Black Mirror—not really interested in leggy robots, at the moment.)

3. You keep a tidy home, or just want to use it as backup. A robot vacuum is great if you want something to provide automatic touch-ups between your regular cleanup routine, but for most people, it isn’t quite enough to totally replace a more traditional vacuum. However, if you keep a pretty clean house anyway, a robot might be just the help you need.

Some great robot vacuums to buy on Prime Day: