Val Kilmer’s Ranch for Sale

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…or at least part of it.

We got this little tid-bit from Turquoise, and thought it might be good for any of you looking to invest a little cash.

Val Kilmer Selling 1,800 Acres in N.M.

ROWE, N.M. (AP) – For sale: 1,800 acres of Val Kilmer’s Pecos River Ranch southeast of Santa Fe. Asking price: $18 million.

Sotheby’s listed the riverfront property near Rowe on Jan. 3. It’s only a part of the actor’s 6,000-acre ranch, and was once part of the Forked Lightning Ranch owned by Greer Garson and her husband, Texas oil man Buddy Fogelson.

Real estate agent Garrett VeneKlasen said buyers can choose to purchase only part of the land.

The property already has been subdivided into two parcels, he said. The first part, which includes a fishing operation, covers nearly 1,000 acres and includes 3 miles of the river, three houses, a stable and a rock quarry.

Part of that parcel is protected from further development and subdivision by a conservation easement held by the Santa Fe Conservation Trust.

The other piece consists of about 850 acres of undeveloped land with three-quarters of an acre of river. San Miguel County zoning ordinances would allow it to be split into parcels as small as 5 acres, VeneKlasen said.

Kilmer, whose screen credits include roles in “Alexander,” “Batman Forever” and “The Doors,” is keeping the rest of the ranch.

“He wants to build his own big facility on the other side of the ranch,” VeneKlasen said. “He likes the amenities, but he just wants to start from scratch. If he is going to deal with maintaining a whole bunch of buildings and stuff, he wants his own stuff. He wants to have his own architectural plans and his own sort of dream.”

Thanks, Turquoise!

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