Valuable Collections: Do You Display Or Tuck it Away?

Valuable Collections: Do You Display Or Tuck it Away?

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 22, 2010

All through highschool and the summer before I went to college I worked for Target, which proved to be an extremely handy place to work when you collect Hot Wheels. I always had first dibs before the collectors and my collection grew leaps and bounds. So much, I sold it and paid for a great deal of my first year college needs. How did I make so much? Condition, condition, condition!

Like many collectors, I kept my treasures away from sunlight and dust and protected them from bent packaging. Although the idea in itself is silly... to keep toys in their packages, this time around my sights were set on college, so I was willing to play the game.

Because all of my pieces were in mint condition, they brought me a pretty penny but had I of kept them out on display, those numbers would have plummeted. Often times when one collects for money you're forced to make the decision of do you display or tuck it away?

Although many would argue that there's no point in collecting things that can't be display, often pieces need rigorous care and attention to retain their value outside of sentiment, if left out on a shelf somewhere. The small amount of Hot Wheels I still collect (is that what it's called when you buy them strictly so your friends with children have something to play with when they come over?) live out of their packages in a cracker jar by my stereo.

How do you keep your valuables stored? Out of sight, or out in the light? Let us know below!

Image: Flickr member Lunchbox Photography licensed for use by Creative Commons

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