I Tried 5 of This Pro Cleaner’s Favorite Products and Here’s How They Measured Up

published Sep 29, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

Vanesa Amaro is Texas-based professional cleaner with a major (and super-helpful) TikTok presence. One of my favorite things about her tips is that she always recommends the best cleaning products — like the ones in this $20 cleaning kit.

That’s why I decided to scour her Amazon page for cleaners and tools that might finally solve some of the most annoying problems in my house. I tried five different cleaning products and honestly, I’d buy all of them again.

5 Pro-Cleaner Recommended Products for $15 or Less

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Garbage disposal smells are common in my house, so I was excited to see if these tablets outdid a spent lemon wedge or a bit of baking soda, my normal odor-busting solutions. These tablets are super easy to use: Just run some water, toss one down, and run the disposal. What’s nice about them is they don’t just add a pleasant smell; the foam creates a scrubbing action that actually cleans the disposal. Plus, the citrus scent is refreshing without being overwhelming. I’ll definitely be buying more of these!

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All of my appliances are stainless steel, and I have two kids with greasy hands, so it’s safe to say I’m constantly buffing out fingerprints. I usually use a dedicated stainless steel cleaner, so I was excited to try these microfiber-type cloths that supposedly clean and shine up stainless steel without any other products. One side has a higher pile for cleaning, while the other side is smoother for polishing. I love these! It’s much easier to use these in a pinch than to lug out sprays or wipes.

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I’m not saying my dogs make messes on my carpet, but I’m not not saying that. We have a dedicated wet vacuum for taking care of those stains, but sometimes, unpleasant smells linger after we clean them up. This solution is basically baking soda with additional scent and OxiClean stain fighters. It’s really easy: Just sprinkle a bunch on your dry carpet or rug, let it sit for 15 minutes to work its magic, then vacuum it up. The smell was a little strong at first, but it definitely freshened up my carpet. I may use it every time I vacuum!

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I’m a little late to the party, but I’m so grossed out by toilet brushes. They just sit there, full of gross debris from your toilet? Not my favorite. A good friend of mine swears by this disposable toilet wand, so I’ve been meaning to try it for a while. Basically, you keep the wand itself in the accompanying caddy, then click on one of the antibacterial scrub pads when it’s time to clean your toilet. I honestly felt the scrubber was more effective than a brush — the hexagon shape made it easy to squeeze into the lip of the toilet bowl. Plus, the scrubber contains all the cleaning product I needed so I didn’t have to squirt a separate one inside the toilet. My bathroom has never smelled so good!

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Lastly, I tried these eraser sponges by ScrubDaddy. It’s basically a Magic Eraser (melamine foam) with a sponge on one side, so you can use it to clean and then work out stains. I tried it out on my white wall, where my dog had left paw prints. First, I got the sponge a little wet and wrung it out. Then, I used the scrubber side to remove the top layer of dirt residue. There was a little left on the wall after, so the melamine foam was a perfect addition to help me achieve good-as-new walls. I don’t normally mind using a sponge and a magic eraser, but this just helped me skip a step. Brilliant!