Versatile Product: Knog Frog Bike Safety Lights

10808_knogfrog.jpegWhen buying a new product, we like to look for things that have multiple uses—after all, multi-use makes the product all the more green. Especially in a time where we’re re-evaluating purchases and cutting back on un-necessities, the practice of buying multi-tasking things is very appealing. Jump below to find out what turned us on to these little Frog lights from Knog.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last month during our focus on pets, we asked you for tips to make our pup Fin glow in the dark. Somebody suggested using a bike light, and we already had one of these Frog superbright LEDs on our handlebars.

Its ingenious stretchy band will wrap around many things, and so we wrapped it around our dog’s collar to make her visible on early-morning jogs. And since we have yet to perfect the craft of cycling con canine, we never worry about needing it on our bike and our dog at the same time!

But we got to thinking, and these little water-resistant LEDs are useful for more than just bicycle (or dog) safety. Here are a few more ideas we’ll be using it for…

• Camping safety: Wrap this Frog around the zipper of your tent, or rig it up inside when out on the trail. It’s tiny but super-bright, and sheds just enough light to make life in the dark just a little easier.

• Backpack addendum: Attach the light to the handle of your backpack as a safety feature, and never again worry that you’re walking home unseen from the bus stop. We think this would also be a great way to keep kids safe while waiting for the school bus in the early-morning hours.

• Travel flashlight: Since this tiny light has almost no footprint, it’s easy to pack and great for reading in dark spaces. If you’re in a bunk-bed situation (think hostels, dorms, or camp), it would easily wrap around the bed above for a night light of sorts.

• Jogging safety: Yep, this light will do the trick here, too. We’re always more worried about cars behind us than in front, so we wrap the light around the back part of our hat and set it to blink.

• Halloween! These little lights are so colorful, we can’t help but think they’d be a fun safety feature to tack on to a child’s halloween costume.

Photos from Knog