Vespas: The Lamp; From Wood; and Now More Green

Vespas: The Lamp; From Wood; and Now More Green

Trent Johnson
Jan 21, 2009

Gas prices might be low again but that's no reason not to conserve. Vespas are smaller, more efficient, cheaper to operate and look pretty darn nice. From the world of Vespas, here's one recreated from wood, the new greener Vespa, and revisiting the Recycled Vespa Lamp from 2007,

Whether you consider it an icon for foreign films or as a green way to get around, there are plenty of greenies who love the Vespa. While I'm fortunate enough to be biking distance from work, if that ever changes a Vespa would be on my list of purchases.

Starting in 2001, all Vespas sold in America have come with a four-stroke engine (these burn much cleaner than the two-stroke engines used in many other engines around the world). The new 2009 Vespa S 50 has a max speed of 39 mph and a reported 70 to 80 mpg! Add that to the compact size (7 Vespas can fit neatly into one full-size car parking space) and you've got a little form of transportation.

The 2009 Vespa is even greener than before, having shed weight and improved mechanical efficiency.

Less green on the inside but potentially more on the outside, Carlos Alberto, a Portuguese woodworker has created a Vespa from wood. The mechanical parts are all original (and thus metal), but the exterior shell is beautifully crafted wood. See the individual parts and steps here.

And when your love for Vespas needs a place inside, here is a Lamp created from recycled Vespa parts from Lamponi's Lamps. This lamp was originally posted about back in 2007.

Carols Alberto Carpintaria via MakeZine.
More information about the new 2009 Vespa.

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