10 Things That Say ‘Home’ To Brooklinen Founder Vicki Fulop

published May 11, 2018
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(Image credit: Photo: James Blanco; Illustration: Kath Nash)

Vicki Fulop and her husband, Rich, launched Brooklinen in 2014 with luxury sheets that cut out the middleman (and seriously reduced the price tag). Now, they’ve moved onto the bathroom with their Super-Plush Towel collection. Made from 100% combed Turkish cotton (and starting at $69) it’s just the latest way Brooklinen is making a home basic feel like an indulgence, too. As Vicki puts it, “I’m basically making stuff I want for our apartment!”

To celebrate, we’ve asked Vicki to share what other home essentials her apartment can’t do without.

10 Things That Say ‘Home’: The people might be what really makes a house a home, but great stuff can help too. We’re asking some of our favorite people what 10 things make their space feel like their own.

(Image credit: The Sill)

Philodendron, $6 at The Sill

“I have about 10 plants right now, ranging from small to large, and some of them I’ve now had for years! Which is saying a lot, because we’ve certainly lost a few along the way. A little bit of nature and life in our home makes it feel cozy and cheerful, and I love tending to these little guys (even though they’re all pretty low maintenance).”

(Image credit: Brooklinen)

“Our sheets. Obviously! But bed is my happy place – I love nothing more than cozying up under the covers and having a quiet night in, lazying around on the weekend, and actual sleeping—the perfect excuse for staying in bed is a must. Right now we’re sleeping in our Luxe Collection—it’s a 480tc long-staple cotton sateen weave. They are silky smooth, and delightfully cool and breathable, so that the temperature always feels just right (because getting too warm in bed is the worst).”

(Image credit: Food52)

“These were a bit of a splurge as far as coasters go, but their soft salmon-y pink color and faint, gray-stripe undertones add just the right amount of subtle color to our coffee table, and are so pretty to look at that I actually always use them.”

(Image credit: Jet)

“I love this for its gentle cleaning prowess and clean, fresh (like an herb garden), and its non-chemically scent.”

(Image credit: Amazon)

“Pyrex Bowls aren’t fancy, but they’re so versatile. You can make anything in them! Beat some eggs, toss a salad, mix up meatball meat, the world is your oyster. They’re also microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and have survived my dropping them, so that’s good too.”

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“Rich, my husband, makes a really great cold brew, with just the right balance of concentrate, milk, and sugar. He has perfected his craft with this contraption, the Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer, and he makes it every week. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I always steal his, because it is delicious.”

(Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Objecto H3 Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier, $100 at Bed Bath & Beyond

“I tend to get a really bad cough if I catch a cold, and a humidifier always helps. This one is sleek, unobtrusive, easy to maneuver, and lasts through the night!”

(Image credit: The Laundress)

Sweater Stone, $18 at The Laundress

“This sweater stone from the Laundress (and everything they make, honestly) has saved countless sweaters from premature retirement (and even particularly pill-y couch). Totally worth it.”

(Image credit: Kusmi Tea)

“I drink tea every morning, and the Prince Vladimir is my favorite. And the packaging is really nice too.”

(Image credit: Brooklinen)

Dux, priceless

“Our dog Dux was adopted via Last Chance Animal Rescue. He’s a sweet and lazy Shepherd mix that loves hogging the couch.”