Nintendo's Wii U In Action

Nintendo's Wii U In Action

Gregory Han
Jun 7, 2012

Nintendo's booth wasn't as elbow to jowl as last year's show (partially due to a better booth layout), but that doesn't mean it wasn't the most bustling and crowded section of the first day from E3. In fact, the Big N's booth was arguably the most active and fun of all the manufacturers exhibiting, with large groups of attendees dancing, laughing (and groaning when losing), furiously drawing, and even going through the motions of lugeing using the touchscreen Wii U GamePad and Wii Balance Board. Here are a few videos and images of the Nintendo's Wii U in action...

Donkey Kong's Crash Course: my favorite from the selection of Nintendo Land mini-games, this 2D single-player obstacle course requires players to tilt their controllers to navigate a huge, intricate obstacle course with careful precision. A brow-wrinkling game if we haven't seen one!

Nintendo also had demo levels for Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, a 4-player fruit gathering game set in the cutesy world of Animal Crossing, the simple yet satisfying ninja star flicking Takamaru's Ninja Castle, the somewhat disappointing hack-n-slash lite, The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, and finally Luigi's Ghost Mansion (shown last year, yet still the most fun of all the Nintendo Land mini-games.

ZombiU: Ubisoft's 3rd person shooter did a great job of showing of the Wii U's GamePad. Utilized as a map, sonar, inventory, and used for several gesture based interactions while fighting off the undead hordes, ZombiU reflects Nintendo's commitment to an older audience compared to the generally cheerful and younger offerings of the previous Wii system.

Casual gamers looking to tone their core muscles will like the Wii Fit U Core luge game., requiring players to lean back, forward and to the side while controlling their Mii rider.

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