Video Game Controller Massages Your SO While You Play

Video Game Controller Massages Your SO While You Play

Range Govindan
Jan 26, 2010

Got that latest game that you've been itching to try, but feel a bit strange hogging the HDTV for hours upon hours? Well Massage Me will help you massage your significant other while you mush those buttons on your video game controller.

If you thought that just pushing the buttons would do the job, you'd be wrong. This contraption will have to be worn by your significant other, who will have to become your video game controller while you play. We guess that it could help people who spend a lot of hours playing the latest games.

Apparently, the best massages from Massage Me come when a lot of buttons have to be pressed at the same time. Yeah, that's almost self-explanatory. So, basically, if you press the buttons on this jacket, the other person will get more of a massage. Sounds pretty interesting, even if the "vest" looks a bit awkward. Actually, some gamers tend to get pissed while playing games and either pound it too heavily or just plain throw their controllers around. We guess that this wouldn't happen when someone else is wearing the video game controller.

For now, it works with a hacked Playstation controller, but designers Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson want it to work with all consoles.

[Ecouterre via Ubergizmo]

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