Vi-Fi is Gaining Ground, How Many Wrecks Will Result?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We can’t see any practical and legal uses for having a Wi-Fi signal in your car on the highway. There’s no reason to be looking at a screen (GPS, over a satellite signal, would be the exception here). The only stretch we could see is if you wanted to make VoIP calls in your car, although even that is illegal in many places. But even still, Microsoft and the University of Washington are developing a new technology called ViFi (Vehicle Wi-Fi), which aims to give users a steady signal while they drive.

Wi-Fi doesn’t work great when you’re moving, mainly due to the fact that your device has to switch to another base station when the distance to the current base station gets too far.

The new design would allow for multiple base stations to be used at the same time. The station with the strongest strength is designated as the “anchor” system and the others as “auxiliary” systems, making an easy switch possible.

Are we missing something? Is there another use for this “moving internet”?