Vincenzo Amato Opening Tonight

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Free white wine! This is a total and utter shameless plug for a friend. There is absolutely no journalistic integrity here.

After two years away from New York, Vincenzo Amato is debuting his newest and BEST collection of sculpture at the Earl McGrath Gallery tonight from 6-8pm (20 w. 57th st.). Shifting from the dark and natural hues of sheet metal that he has become known for, Amato has collaborated with hot-rod automobile painting experts from Brooklyn to cover his newest stunningly simplified nautical shapes in luminous, rich color. This is a turning point in contemporary art history.

It better be good. Honestly, we go to only a few openings a year and Vincenzo’s is the most fun. Not only is his work always a crowd pleaser, the vibe is as festive and spontaneous as he is. MGR