Renovation Resource: NYC Painter Vinny Ciambriello

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Vinny Ciambriello has been an Apartment Therapy go-to painter on small jobs for a number of years. A musician by night, he paints by day and does a great job with clean walls. Exacting about the finish, Vinnie works alone, so he is a good choice for painting one to three rooms of a smaller apartment. This is how he puts it:

I’m a demon for precise completion. Details become ingrained in my head so that by the time I leave, not one of them has been overlooked.

Problems? If your walls need a lot of repair work with plaster, Vinny is not your man, he does do some, but a straight ahead paint job is right up his alley. Available for estimates, Vinny can often give you a price over the phone.

(ReEdited from 2005-09-15 – MGR)