Vintage Amp Toybox

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s only Monday morning, but we feel confident saying this is the coolest thing you’re going to see all week. Amber’s son asked for a pretend amp and she’s one of those moms who says, “why not?” Not only does her version hold toys, if her kids want to make a rockumentary, Amber assures us that this amp goes to eleven.

Amber and her nearly 4-year-old worked on this no-nails construction project together. The knobs turn and the switch goes on and off (to the delight of her youngest son). The amp is fully compatible with air guitars, air banjos, air ukulele and many other acoustic air instruments.

Run over to Amber Dusick’s blog to see the toybox amp “in action” and for tips on how it was made.

She also has an Etsy shop, woodmouse, of beautiful eco-friendly wood toys including robot blocks and pretend cell phones.

Thanks Amber!

(Image: Amber Dusick)