Vintage Inspired Refrigerators by Portobello Street

Vintage Inspired Refrigerators by Portobello Street

Over the last decade we've seen the trend of slick stainless steel appliances take over American kitchens. While that might make for a modern streamlined look, we're finding the warm feel of these vintage inspired refrigerators a refreshing change.

Not only do they look like solid pieces of furniture, they also come in a variety of sizes and configurations — to fit the smallest homes or accommodate the hungriest families.

Spanish company, Portobello Street, wraps modern refrigerators with wood panels, round grill vents and metal hardware to give them the appearance of vintage pieces of furniture. From super tiny to double-wide, built-in ovens, dishwashers and espresso machines, the are many design options to suit any home: 14 colors, 5 stains, 11 distressed finishes, and 6 metal hardware designs. These fridges are quite similar to the beautiful Meneghini refrigerators we've written about before, and while they're less expensive, they're still sold at a relatively steep price, with the units ranging from 2257€ - 8529€ (approximately $2976 - $11247)!

Above the jump, from left to right:
1. Nevera Rockford
2. Nevera Durango
3. Nevera Vintage Jackson
4. Nevera Boston
5. Mueble Bar con Cafetera Classic Line

Find It: Neveras con Encanto Vintage at

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