This Viral Real Estate Listing Has an “Open Concept” Bathroom, and Twitter Has Jokes

published Nov 15, 2019
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No bathroom doors… no problem? You may have seen this viral post on Twitter from a real estate listing for a three-bedroom home in the West Philadelphia/University City neighborhood. 

“Philly is WILD this bathroom has NO DOORS and they’re calling it ‘open concept,’” said the person who originally tweeted the photos and listing screenshot on Twitter.

According to the original post, which has since been taken down off the Facebook Marketplace, the property features a master suite that “includes full size walk-in closet and open concept bathroom.” And what an open concept it is, seeing as it seems to have no doors or separation from the rest of the bedroom. The standing shower, which is curtain-less at the moment, sits next to the toilet on one side, and the hardwood floors on the other. The sink is directly across from the shower, with no divide from the rest of the bedroom except the change from tile flooring to hardwood. 

Naturally, the Twitterverse had a few things to say in response. 

“I saw a place in Emerald Hills a few years ago with two toilets on either side of the open bathroom facing each other. Romance isn’t dead?” One user replied.

“404 walls not found,” another said. 

Several commenters responded about how water from the open shower must splash all over the neighborhood hardwood floors. 

“You know what laminate floors love? Water splashed all over it from an open shower,” someone wrote. 

“I have anxiety over the shower having full access to those hardwoods,” someone else said.

“I love cleaning water out of my hallway every time I take a shower,” someone joked. 

Others shared that it’s probably just what happens when people run out of money to finish renovations.

“This is a sims build when you spend it all on design but run out of budget for walls,” one user wrote.

“My master bathroom is just like this. ZERO privacy. I’m telling you right now, no guest bath toilet has never been used more.”

Others just cited the obvious awkwardness that comes from living in a doorless habitat. 

Naturally, the post led us to wonder if open concept bathrooms are burgeoning trend. We checked in with a handful of realtors, non of whom seem to think this is a setup worth pursuing for your home.

“There are doors and walls for a reason,” says Donna Maley of the Donahue Maley & Burns Team at Compass, who believes open concept bathrooms should not exist. “Privacy is incredibly important, especially when living with a significant other or family. Not to mention, sanitation and smell—some things are better kept behind walls!”