Visualizing All the Tech Tools In Your Life

Visualizing All the Tech Tools In Your Life

Gregory Han
May 31, 2011

How many tech devices do you currently own/use? That's something Randy Krum at Cool Infographics set out to figure out, not only listing all his digital devices, but connecting them visually in relation to their "constant or occasional connected use". It's a fascinating look at how our lives are deeply entwined by the webwork of digital devices, while also possibly revealing an excess and redundancy that is only revealed when we visually lay out what we own and use/don't use...

Randy's HUGE 5247 x 3447 size infographic reveals quite a many details that relate to our own lifestyle:

  • many of our devices are battery powered, thus ideally should be used with rechargeable batteries
  • USB connections play a big part in connecting everything and there's still not enough wireless options out there
  • the centerpiece of his life, like our own, is the computer; reflects the continual migration from television to computer as the focal point of entertainment/news/work.

Although the infographic's purpose was created specific to Randy's life and also reflects the interest of product development and marketing, what we find useful about this exercise as the possibility of creating our own visual mapwork of our digital lifestyle and tools to eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies, whether it be for work or home entertainment.

If we note we've got 6-7 external hard drives, it might be time to upgrade to two larger capacity drives and migrate everything over (an affordable option these days with terabyte drives available for under a $100 regularly), saving physical space and optimizing file searches. Additionally, if we discover some tech devices we hardly use, mapping everything out might be the impetus to sell/trade/give away these "skis in the closet" type of tech tools that aren't seeing use and use the money more effectively. And unlike creating just a list, the visual aspect of laying everything out and connecting the devices' allows for easier restructuring/placement conceptually before changing things around (probably most ideal for people who've just moved and are looking to set everything up).

Read about Randy Krum's My Digital Life 2.0: A Consumer Gadget Map and maybe get started on your own 2.0 digital lifestyle infographic...we'll hopefully share our own in a few days too.

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