Wall Mounting Your iPad and iPod Touch

Wall Mounting Your iPad and iPod Touch

Joel Pirela
Aug 26, 2010

We want them everywhere and within reach. In the studio, den, kitchen, next to our main computer, next to the audio system and even the bath! Now we have some options that range from the removable variety to the flush mounted, more permanent looking ones.

The easy removable models are more versatile since you can have several mounted hooks around the house, like in the kitchen, next to the stereo or even next to your main computer. A good example of one these type of mounts is The Wallee.

The Wallee was developed by a small group of fanatics, all of whom flew to New York City and lined up to be among the first to purchase the 'magical' iPad. They soon realized that they had uncontrollable urges to hang their iPads everywhere; next to the phones for quick message taking and calendar checking, on the kitchen back-splash while following recipes at Epicurious.com, at the foot of the bathtub for relaxing movie watching, in the offices as an extension of work space, on hallway walls to display pictures of family and friends, and the list goes on and on and on.

With that in mind, they created The Wallee - a shiny, seamless, durable and yet elegantly simple wall mounting and hard protective case system made specially for the iPad.

The Wallee uses a patented wall plate with locking "X" that you can put almost anywhere and a hard protective shell for the iPad itself. All the buttons are left easily accessible and the protective shell can be removed easily. You can purchase additional mounting plates for different locations around the house or office.

For an even cleaner look, but with the price of a mounting hardware/bracket that requires installation inbetween studs in your walls, there are several options for your iPod Touch and now your iPad. The iPort.

The iPort's clean lines and flush look caught our eyes, and these units have the additional feature of keeping the gadgets charged, while also allowing connecting the device to an audio source.

The CM-IW2000 allows an Apple iPad to be used as an in-wall touch panel providing continuous charging of the iPad and allowing a connection to a locally available Wi-Fi network. Supporting a variety of downloadable applications for home automation control and common applications such as weather, stocks and news, the CM-IW2000 also provides the user with control of audio, video, lighting and climate on the mounted iPad when the control application is connected to a compatible control system. The mounts can be put in the wall in either vertical or horizontal modes. These are cool especially if you have a home automation system that you want to control a iPod or iPad; these mounts are likely a cheaper way to get an in-wall touchscreen than going with the in-wall touchscreen options that most home automation brands offer

Quality Audio has a similar mounting bracket as the iPort and use the iPad as a dedicated audio controller. Some key benefits are the fact of wall charging, converts the iPad into a fixed wireless in-wall touch panel, scalable and expandable, portrait or landscape installation options and changeable bezels via magnets for color coordination.

For DIY, nothing beats the ingenuity that we covered before on Unplggd and will cost you, no more than $3: The iPad and Velcro, a match made in heaven...

Or this other story that we also covered of a guy that instaled an iPad inside a kitchen cabinet.

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