Wall Niches: Extra Storage in Kitchens & Baths

If you’re really short on space, you might begin to eye your wall surfaces and think of carving back into them. There’s space in there if it’s a stud-framed interior wall, and a niche between the framing can add much-needed extra storage in small kitchens and baths:

1 Lots of wall niches provide storage on either side of the sink in this bathroom, via My Home Ideas
2 Two mosaic-tiled niches in this shower and bath featured in Sunset provide storage for soap and bottles.
3 A niche above the range is great for display, as shown in this kitchen from Country Living.
4 The wall niche behind the range in this bungalow renovation by Bosworth Hoedemaker provides space for spices.
5 This is a pretty deep niche example from Better Homes and Gardens, housing rolled up towels, a towel bar, and a wall-mounted shelf.

Images: 2: Lisa Romerein, 3: Karyn Millet