This “So Pretty” 12-Piece Dinnerware Set Looks So Luxe (But It’s Only $19)

published Jan 18, 2024
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Credit: Heather Bien

There’s nothing I like to eat off of more than a blate. You know, those bowl-plate combos that cradle all kinds of meals perfectly. Whenever I’m out shopping and see one I want, I have to remind myself of my limited cabinet storage, and the fact that I already have a set of dinnerware that serves me well every day. But today, my resistance to impulse by was really tested, and it’s all because of this steal of a deal from Walmart: A 12-piece set of elegant blue-and-white bowls and plates for $18.56 total. 

I’m sorry, less than $20 for an entire new tablescape for a 12-person dinner party? If your New Year’s resolution is to revamp your dishware without breaking the bank, Walmart is here to serve it to you on a silver platter. I came across the set on TikTok, where creator @babytamago shows off her new set and says, “I just hit the jackpot at walmart. This entire plate set was $19. I spend more on an iced oat milk latte and a croissant in the city. Like what?!”

She talks through all the pieces of the set, which includes four salad plates, four bowls, and four dinner plates, which feature a lip that runs around the circumference, making for a chic quasi-blate look that I adore. All of these pieces stack seamlessly together, so they look nice in your cupboard and save on space, too. Not to mention, the glazed stoneware plates and bowls all sport a bright white base and royal blue trim which is a clean, timeless look for almost any dining room aesthetic, whether that’s minimalist or coastal grandmother.  

In the TikTok, which has garnered almost 33,000 likes, commenters can’t stop gushing over this dinnerware deal. “Ok THEY’RE SO PRETTY TOO,” says recipe developer Justine Doiron. “I’ve never ordered something so fast,” another comment says, while someone else dubs them “Crate and Barrel dupes!”

There are also several comments from people who already own and love these bowls and plates. “I have these, I LOVE them,” one person says. “My dad bought these for me because I had just moved and I know he was being thrifty but I LOOOOOVED THEM!! The blue is so cute!!” says another commenter. 

Plus, a helpful tip from another commenter: “Omg I have had the same set for a year and a half!! The bowls chip really bad but the plates are slay.” So, maybe best to handle this glazed stoneware set with care to keep them in good condition for years to come. And, if you happen to chip one? You can always pick up a replacement piece separately, like this blue-banded bowl for $1.72 or a dinner plate for $1.98.