Walmart Parklane Crib Review

Walmart Parklane Crib Review

When my son was born in August 2008 I scoured Ohdeedoh for options and chose the Parklane crib and changing table from Walmart's Babymod line. As we approach his third birthday (and the crib's), I thought it might be helpful to recount our experience.

We purchased the crib and changing table with the site to store option a few months before Sam was born. We went to pick up the two pieces to find trashed boxes containing visibly damaged merchandise. Second time was much better, but as we were assembling the crib we noticed that one side was dented. A quick call to the manufacturer and they sent us a replacement, no hassle whatsoever.

Both the crib and the changing table looked great and held up wonderfully after a move and my son's very rigorous crib jumping. Over time the changing table started to show signs of wear and tear, especially on the corners of the drawers and frame. We knew that we weren't paying for forever furniture, but it was still disappointing.

One of the selling points for us was that the crib shipped with a rail for a toddler bed conversion, which we tried to install last weekend. The rail is obviously generic and not designed with the Parklane in mind, as it left a sizable gap between the bottom of the rail and the top of the drawer, leaving the spring system and mattress bottom exposed. The gap also made it impossible to childproof the drawer, making it unsafe for Sam's twin sisters to visit his room. We deemed the rail unusable and reassembled the crib.

Now we are shopping for big kid beds sooner than we had hoped. The Parklane collection served us well, but we probably could have gotten better quality for less money. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten an IKEA crib and a secondhand dresser to use as a changing table.

(Image: Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph)

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