Want an Organized Home All Year Long? Try Doing This

Want an Organized Home All Year Long? Try Doing This

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 11, 2015

Do you hate how your home rubber bands back into its formally (perhaps even naturally) unorganized state a month (or perhaps a week) after you do a really intense organization overhaul? Whether it's a junk drawer, a closet, your files or your whole house, disorganization does NOT have to be the natural state of your home. If you want an organized home all year long, try this trick to keeping yourself (and your stuff) on track all year.

→ Set up a "stuff spot" clean-out schedule

It's not that tackling the task of a really unorganized and messy spot after it's derailed for a few months isn't successful; I mean you do end up with a clean spot after a marathon organizing session. But why do that to yourself a few times a year, when you can set yourself up for constant success by getting —and keeping — these stuff spots on a more regular cleaning and organization schedule?

The simple solution is being aware of what's going on in those "stuff spots" like the junk drawers, the closets, the extra rooms — the spots in your home where stuff accumulates in and is drawn to like a magnet.

By putting your home (and all those stuff spots) on a schedule and regularly checking in on them, you keep them on an organized track, but most importantly, you'll be able to notice when they're going off track way before you get to a point where you open a door and an avalanche of stuff buries you. So here's how you set up a stuff spot clean-out schedule:

1. Pinpoint

Firstly, pinpoint all the areas in your home that have the potential for their organization to become unraveled as time marches on. It'll be different for every person, but chances are, you know exactly what they are already. For me it's my bathroom drawers, my closet, my filing cabinet, my bedroom dresser and that junk drawer all the way at the end of my kitchen. You can choose any spots you want to keep on track.

2. Pick the time interval

Next, determine the length of time in between check-ins you think each spot needs. You might start off checking on the spots each month. But maybe you know you can check in on some areas every few months. You can do it all in one go-round on a weekend, or you can set each individual spot for its own time and date.

3. Actually set yourself stuff spot clean-out appointments on your calendar

Once you've determined which spots need the check-ins and how much time you want to put between each check-in, actually create appointments in your calendar.

4. Check-in and adjust

Next, start following your calendar (ideally after a marathon organization session that's put all your spots into the order you'd like). During your check-ins, you're looking to put things back into their homes — back into the organization system you've figured out. Consider questioning every single item that isn't in its place when you do your check-in. Is an item out of place because the organization system you've chosen needs adjusting? Or is the item out of place because you really don't need it in your life?

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