Want More Energy? 7 Ways Your Home Can Help

Want More Energy? 7 Ways Your Home Can Help

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 22, 2014
(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

Yawn! Do you always find yourself yawning a little too much? Always exhausted at the beginning and end of every day? Without any energy to do anything you want to do? Energy is an elusive thing, with the secrets to increasing it different for every individual person. But there are a few things you can do or change around the house to try and boost your energy every day. Try out one of these seven things today.

1. Get better sleep
It sounds simple, but even if you make more time for it (seven to eight hours is what you should be aiming for), you still might not grab that many hours of shut-eye unless you take some time to outfit your bedroom into your perfect sleep palace. Some ideas:

2. Make it easier to access fuel
Make your caffeine station in your home prominent and easy to access so you don't have to think or work too hard to get at that magic liquid. But don't just keep it to coffee — studies have shown that tea (white, black, green — whatever you love) can give you a boost, as well as certain snacks like oatmeal, dark chocolate or high-protein breakfast options. And keep lots of water on hand too — staying hydrated is important for keeping your energy up. Inspiration: Wake Up to a Well-Styled Coffee Station (the above pictured from A Beautiful Mess.)

3. Make it easier to exercise
Organize your dresser or your closet and include a special area that makes your workout clothes and your shoes really easy to access. Perhaps even leave them out before going to bed so you don't even have to search for them. Consider buying or DIYing a heavy bench or low table that can pull double duty as a workout zone for box jumps, tricep dips and more. If you don't like the look of exercise equipment don't get rid of it, just get creative with your organization so that you hide it.

4. Cultivate a sunny spot
If you've got a window that lets in great light, throw some floor cushions on the ground to give yourself a spot to soak up the sun. Or even better, work on your outdoor area so that it's a place you can lounge in and get some fresh air. Getting out in nature and absorbing the sun and breeze is a great way to get energized.

5. Do something nice for your spouse or roommate
We're not sure how solid the science is on this, but we know that when we do something helpful for someone else, we get a heavy dose of happiness and energy. It might work for you.

6. Tackle something off your master list
What's your master list? It's that list (better still if it's a physical list written or posted up somewhere) that has all the little things that are bothering you that you haven't gotten around to doing. Could be calling for a dental appointment. Might be changing your air filter. You don't have to fix or schedule your entire world, but tackle even just one task and you'll notice a zing of motivation.

7. Cheer yourself up with physical stay-positive reminders
Some find it hokey, but we think it works. Whatever quotes or sayings inspire you, post them around your home for constant visual reminders. Here are some ideas: Purposeful Prints: 10 Visual Reminders For All Year Long.

How has your home helped you keep your energy levels running high? Share your tips in the comments below!

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