Want More Fun in Your Life? Make More Opportunities for Play in Your Home

Want More Fun in Your Life? Make More Opportunities for Play in Your Home

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 21, 2015

There’s a seriousness epidemic in our modern life. From taxes, to bills, to having to remember to call the repairman, there's a lot of real life that isn't very...well, fun. Don't let your home put a damper on the fun you could be having in life. You need only make more opportunities for this one thing in your home.


Yes you read that right. Playing is something that us grown-ups (and some too-busy kiddos) don't do enough of. But doing things that feel fun and freeing as well as doing things just for the heck of it are vital!

There's evidence that play is quite important for many things in your life, from helping you be a better problem solver to decreasing stress. In the classic Ted Talk Play Is More Than Just Fun, play researcher and psychiatrist Stuart Brown identifies all different types of play, from body play (jumping around, etc.), to imaginative play (storytelling) to rough and tumble play and more. How easy is it for you to play in your home?

Think back to when you were a child and think of the things you used to love playing. Did you like playing on the playground equipment in the backyard? Did you like playing with toys? Making crafts? Playing made-up games? Chances are some of the ways you played as a kid might still be fun for you today, maybe just translated in a new way. Below, find a list of ways you could try adding a little more play — and fun —into your home.

Keep fun-making objects more accessible

From having a few balls you can grab and toss around to even surrounding yourself with toys (if that's something that might feel like fun to play with), don't hide away things like Frisbees and more that could help you jump into play any time of the day.

Make your home interactive

From swings to rock climbing walls to furniture that can take a bit of a beating, don't let your decor be too precious and consider getting creative to fill your home with ways you could jump, swing and more.

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Make your favorite hobby supplies easier to get to

Creating art or DIY projects is a great way to pass the time, but sometimes playing around with your craft supplies without any purpose — no end game or final artistic outcome in mind — can be a way to add in play to your life. When's the last time you just played around with color and paint and not worried about what you made? Or messed around with some ingredients in your kitchen without worrying about creating a perfect meal?

Make games easier to get to

Are your board games hidden away on the top shelf of a closet? Could you fold in a neat set of playing cards into a living room vignette so they're easier to access? And who says party games can only be played at actual parties — why not keep a few in the back of your mind to pull out when you want to have some fun on a regular afternoon?

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Let your pets help you play

Don't hide away the dog toys and leash — keep them out and visible (though perhaps styled nicely) so you can be inspired (or maybe even nudged) into going outside and playing with your pooch!

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