Want to Wake Up Earlier? 6 Ways Your Home Can Help

Want to Wake Up Earlier? 6 Ways Your Home Can Help

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 26, 2014
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Why would you want to wake up earlier (especially on the weekend)? Besides starting the day with plenty of time to exercise, eat a healthy breakfast and not rush into work, giving yourself extra time in the morning will allow you to mindfully greet the day and set purposeful intentions. But sometimes even getting up on time can be a challenge. That's where your home can help — and you can use this weekend to prepare these tips for next week.

1. Get your home to trick you to go to bed earlier
Going to bed earlier is an easy way to help yourself wake up earlier. And your home can help! First, set a cut-off time for technology and take-home work and make it impossible to delve back in by having a dedicated drawer/shelf/spot in your home that your tech gets tucked into each night. Second, make your bed irresistible. Like, indulge in some sweet sheets, comfy comforters and as many pillows as you and your partner can stand. Make your bed a destination. Don't worry — if you go to bed earlier, you'll get enough sleep and be able to leave your dream bed when it comes time to (hopefully).

2. Move that alarm clock to the other side of your bedroom
Heck throw a few roadblocks (soft ones) in the way to stumble around so getting to your alarm's even harder. Another way to get more use out of your alarm? Set it for bedtime — so you go to bed at the same night every night.

3. Carve out a visible spot for workout clothes and gear
Eliminate barriers to your workout stuff so you can start moving as soon as you can — that'll have you awake in no time.

4. Let the sun in
Depending on how your home is situated, you might need blinds and drapes for privacy or to block a bright street light. But if you do have the ability to keep them open slightly to let the sunlight in, waking up bathing in the sweet morning light will get those eyes open earlier.

5. Stock up on relaxing scents for evening, peppy and productive scents for morning
Surround yourself with lavender as you fall into slumber — it'll help you relax before you sleep and may even help get you more rest. Then, in the morning, go ahead and light a lemon or peppermint scented candle as soon as you wake up. As those scents waft around your room, you may just start feeling more awake and able to get out of bed and moving earlier than usual.

6. Keep your kitchen clean and have something exciting planned to eat for breakfast
As adults, we have the power to pick anything we want to eat for breakfast, so plan a fun recipe to try, gather ingredients the night before and let the power of food persuasion pull you from those comfy sheets! The Kitchn is bursting with breakfast ideas, by the way.

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