Warm and Bold Bedroom Colors!

Warm and Bold Bedroom Colors!

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 20, 2010

We've seen again and again the relaxing, calming and peaceful nature that blues, greens and other soft colors can bring to the bedroom. And while we certainly find that color palette to be pleasing aesthetically, we can't help but have an affinity for bright, fiery and passionate bedrooms, too.

We still remember fondly our favorite bedroom wall color to date. It was a bright, reddish-orange color painted on every wall and we felt totally enveloped in energy. Sadly, after moving from that place we've yet to delve into the world of red bedrooms again, but we still remember that bright hue fondly! In case you've been on the fence on whether you wanted to go warm and bold or cool and calming, we thought we'd submit these ten fun photos as evidence that warm reds, oranges, yellows and pinks (plus all the shades in between) are a great choice for the bedroom.

What's your opinion on bold and bright colors in the bedroom? Invigorating or too jarring? Do you prefer a more serene bedroom color palette? Have you ever had a bold bedroom and remember how it made you feel? Let us know!

(Images: Flickr member [a thing]; Ros's Hot Pink Bedroom; Ros's Hot Pink Bedroom ; Daniela's Red & White Bedroom; Inspiration: Yellow Bedroom; Duvets and Comforters: Do You Tuck or Drape?; Flickr members [hywell]; [di_the_huntress]; Lanni's Orange & Pink Bedroom; Enrique's Orange Walled Bedroom and Matt's Color of Passion Bedroom)

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