Wash Your Hands With Toilet Water

Wash Your Hands With Toilet Water

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 12, 2010

The knee jerk uninformed reaction to saying you wash your hands with toilet water is a bad one, we'll be the first to admit that — but what if you're saving water and space at the same time? We've talked about pricier options in the past, but if you're not looking to lay out major cash, check out this easy after market toilet tank add-on.

Now we've talked about a few more upscale toilet/sink combinations in the past. Roca makes a nice one, but we're still unsure if you can find it in the US. The Profile 5 by Caroma is another great choice, but if you don't have the time, energy or money to be replacing your entire toilet, then you're left out in the cold.

Sink Positive has been around for several years now and has made a few persuading adjustments to their product over time. What started out as a "one-size-fits-most" toilet lid, has now been made adjustable. It runs off water from your sink line that would normally be filling your tank. You flush your toilet, the water in the tank cleans the bowl while the water that would normally refill it, comes to you for hand washing first. It saves several gallons of water a day in an average household.

See How Easy It Is To Install!

The biggest complaint about the product is that standing over your toilet to wash your hands isn't exactly easy if you're not 6' tall or a social norm, but for a product with a price point that the average consumer can budget into their finances ($89-$115), we think it's a great alternative and wanted to give it a few minutes in the spotlight. Plus, we're pretty sure your pets will approve and consider it a challenge to lap up the post-hand washing stream!

Do you own a Sink Positive or know someone who does? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

(Image: Tierrapath)

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