Washer/Dryer Disguised As a Cabinet

Washer/Dryer Disguised As a Cabinet

Kristen Lubbe
Mar 2, 2010

Not having a room in your home that is specifically dedicated to laundry can present quite a problem. The problem grows when you live in an apartment that isn't much larger than the average persons bedroom. You think to yourself &mdash where am I going to put this washing machine? And you better not even think about getting a dryer too.

With all of the snow storms the Northeast has been getting this season, those already annoying trips to do your laundry are now a full blown tedious task. From the looks of this integrated washer dryer; we're assuming someone on the design team doesn't like the look of their washer sitting in the middle of their kitchen.

The Teka LSI 1260 S is an integrated washer dryer with digital display, electronic controls, Fuzzy Logic electronic washing management and automatic water regulation &mdash to make sure your wash is done right, the first time. The Teka seems to be packin' heat, claiming 15 washing and 3 drying settings; including 29 minute Fast, Delicate Fabric, Resistant Fabric, Delicate Spin, Easy Ironing and Extra Rinse, double water inlet for cold and warm water, 1 to 24 hour delayed start, balance control system, and a reversible door.

We're really feelin' the door on the front. It would be great for those NYC dwellers that are forced to put their washer and dryer in the kitchen. They take up a ton of space and look unsightly. It's not exactly romantic to have your girlfriend over for dinner and she can see your dirty socks and undies in the washer next to the stove where you cooked her meal.

Price for this integrated washer dryer is €660. Teka also offers LSI 1260 S, integrated washer for €550.

[via Appliancist]

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