Watch an Orchestra of 200 Old Appliances

Watch an Orchestra of 200 Old Appliances

Taryn Williford
Mar 24, 2011

I had a dream once where all of my kitchen appliances came to life after I had fallen asleep, like a hi-tech version of Toy Story. I still don't know whether it was because of my over-active imagination or because I watched The Brave Little Toaster one too many times as a kid. In any event, I think I might have that dream again tonight after seeing this orchestra of appliances come together in this Vimeo video.

German composer, harpsichordist and conductor Michael Petermann is to thank for this video of the Blodes Orchester, made up of 200 noise-making appliances sitting in for the musicians in a traditional orchestra.

This "Stupid Orchestra"—a term coined thanks to the fact that, unlike real musicians, these unitasking players only serve one function—is currently on display at MKG Hamburg museum in Germany.

It's incredible to see the all-too-common whirs and hums that keep you up at night (or at least interrupt your party conversation when you're making a pitcher of margaritas) come together to create a piece of beautiful music:

Via Trehugger

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