How To: Organize the Doodads

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the spirit of our Spring Cleaning theme we offer up watchmaker’s cases for your organizing pleasure.

You can’t actually dispense with the mess until you’ve sorted through it and found homes for all the little doodads that you can’t bring yourself to toss: loose screws, loose change, spare buttons, spices, seeds, paper clips, marbles, stamps… Yup, we can think of dozens of little odds and ends that need homes within our home, and these little round glass-topped aluminum containers (which are super cheap to begin with and even cheaper by the dozen) are a super solution.

For easy-to-retrieve organization, glue flat magnets onto the backs, and attach them to a wall-mounted stainless steel magnetic board Pottery Barn’s square board. (Cheaper source below.)

Watchmaker’s cannisters in various sizes are available from Lee Valley Tools.

Magnetic boards are available from NetiExchange.

Ceramic disc magnets are available from your local hardware store or online at Master Magnetics.