Ways to Incorporate Dual Computers with Limited Space

Ways to Incorporate Dual Computers with Limited Space

Mike Tyson
Jun 13, 2011

All our apartment dwellers will know exactly where we're coming from when we say space is always a concern whether we're talking about closets, bathrooms, or in this case, offices. Sometimes our desk can't be the 8' wide monolith we envisioned when we signed the papers on our new apartment. And instead, it winds up being say 1.5'. And now we're faced with the task of fitting not only our desktop, a lamp, and speakers, but our laptop as well. This could no doubt take some creativity so here are some ways you can manage a dual-computer set-up with limited desk space.

File Cabinet: Generally speaking, most 2 or 3 drawer modern filing cabinets contain wheels and are even with or slightly below your desk height. Ours is the CB2 TPS cabinet which works perfectly for this solution. If we ever need it, we roll it out from under our desk and stick the laptop right on top of its extra surface and work from there. It is super efficient (since it does double duty) and easy to use due to the casters.

The Lowkey Stand: Use this option if you don't need to work on both your desktop and laptop simultaneously and you simply need a place to store your computer's keyboard + mouse. This is an elegant little stand that not only creates a perfect home for your inactive keyboard, but provides additional USB hubs which are always welcome on our desk. This would be a good setup if you sometimes use your desktop monitor as a secondary display for your laptop.

The LapTuk Stand: Similar to the Lowkey stand, this is an elevated base designed to hold your laptop when not in use. Alternatively, you can again run a cable from the display port of the laptop and use the larger monitor's display while it remains closed — very stealthy.

Shelving: If your desk butts up against a wall or two, it might make sense to install a small floating shelf on top of or nearby your desk. This way you can place your laptop on that and work off of it rather than take up the precious real-estate on your desk.

Jennifer's Creative Closet Home Office packs a lot of punch, visually and organizationally, in a small space.

Sacrifice Space Elsewhere: If no other options are available, you'll have to cut corners elsewhere. Wall mounting is an excellent route if you needed to get rid of your speakers or lighting. There are stylish options for both of these routes. Alternatively, if you can't remove anything why not shrink what you already got? Mice and keyboards have gotten surprisingly compact now a'days. It is entirely possible to shrink your peripherals to fit your laptop on the open desk space.

(Top image: Flickr member kasha! of Zuma Blue)

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