Ways to Make Your Home Warmer (Without Touching the Thermostat!)

Ways to Make Your Home Warmer (Without Touching the Thermostat!)

Jennifer Hunter
Jan 9, 2015
(Image credit: Marcia Prentice)

They say you subconsciously look for a partner that reminds you of your father and, while I'm not sure that always applies, I do know that both my father and my boyfriend staunchly agree on one thing: I am no longer allowed to touch the thermostat. So what's a cold-blooded girl to do? Warm up the house in other ways!

Light something — A fire is ideal, a candle is great and even a lamp will do. Adding a cozy glow will make you feel so much warmer — mentally and physically.

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Bake something — You know you'll feel toasty with the smell of something delicious wafting around your home (and turning on the oven certainly won't hurt) and eating a delicious snack will certainly help improve your chilly, grouchy mental state.

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Add texture — Nothing says snuggle up like a good dose of furry, knit, poufy or fuzzy texture. Have a cozy (or fuzzy) person or pet to cuddle up to? Even better.

(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Conserve the heat you have — Get smart and identify the places where your hard-earned heat is escaping. Have rooms you're not using? Close them off! Invest in draft snakes or extra curtains (see below) to keep your doors and windows from leaking heat.

Tell us, how are you staying warm this winter?

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